Company does not only consist of our products, but everyone working with you in achieving the common goal...
MBA 2B d.o.o.

We are growing on the foundations of the company MBA d.o.o., founded in 1990, which was first engaged in brokerage of technical metallic spare parts and representation of Swiss welding masks, from 2001 onwards changing into the production of rubber and rubber products, combined with plastic or metal, intended for the automotive, electrical and household appliances industry.

With the same team, despite the youth of MBA 2B d.o.o., we can say that in almost two decades we have managed to acquire the knowledge, human resources and much needed experience for a smooth and quality production.

The quality of our products and production processes also discloses that since 2004 we conduct a quality system according to the ISO 9001/2015 standard.

MBA 2B d.o.o. is a company with skilled personnel, which shows its competitive advantage through high flexibility and innovative integration with customers. By designing our own tools, the company interferes with the properties of elastomers, which ensures high-quality products, while providing customers with the desired shape and required functionality.

We are here to make impossible things possible...
MBA 2B d.o.o.



MBA d.o.o.