Our manufacturing processes take place in a technologically equipped hall. All facilities (production, warehouse control, laboratory and offices) are air-conditioned, thus enabling and ensuring quality execution of tasks.

Manufacture of rubber and rubber products, combined with plastic or metal, runs on most modern machines LWB, Krausmaffei, Wickert and Boy with closing forces from 10 to 160 tons and processing technologies IM, TM, ITM, CM.

Adequately trained staff provides a flexible and high-quality implementation of all phases of the production process.

Our advantages:
- management of small (up to 100 pieces per year) and large series (one million pieces or more per year),
- production of small (0.1 grams) or large products ( up to 5.000 grams or more),
- accurate molding up to 0,05 gram,
- implementation of all necessary additional phases of the production process (post-vulcanisation, product freezing, talc enhancement, grinding, polishing and product mounting).


MBA d.o.o.